Walking for Change: The Woods Twins’ 600-Mile Journey to Illuminate Foster Care

Twin siblings Davon and Tavon Woods, hailing from Pennsylvania and adopted at the tender age of two, have embarked on an inspiring 600-mile journey on foot from Sumter to Philadelphia. This 31-day trek is part of their campaign, #FosterKidsMatter, aimed at shedding light on the foster care system. Davon shared with WLTX his belief that foster care doesn’t receive the attention it deserves, while Tavon emphasized their desire to “share our story and the experiences of other children who have been through the foster care system.”

The Woods brothers, who entered foster care shortly after birth and were adopted at age two, are motivated by their personal experiences to connect with and represent children who feel unheard within the foster care system. “Our stories resonate with many others in the system,” Davon remarked.

Their route, starting from the Sumter County Courthouse and ending in Philadelphia, will see them equipped with just a backpack each and Hoka shoes, generously donated for their cause. Previously, they’ve undertaken several long-distance walks, including a notable 96-mile trek from Georgia to Florida.

Tavod described the physical and mental challenges of their journey, noting, “We walk over 20 miles daily, which means eight hours of continuous walking.” Yet, their commitment to raising awareness about foster care gives them the resilience to continue.

Their efforts have garnered significant community support, with friends like Justin McCoon admiring their dedication and the awareness they’re raising. “The response has been overwhelming,” McCoon observed, highlighting the impact of their walk.

The Woods brothers are grateful for the community’s backing, with Tavon expressing his appreciation for the city’s support. Beyond advocacy, this walk also serves to strengthen the already formidable bond between the twins. “This journey is a blessing. It strengthens our bond as we share our past experiences and discuss our current journey,” Davon reflected.

To learn more about their cause and journey, visit their official website at FKM.Life.

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