The Biden-Harris Commitment to Black Men and Their Families

The Biden-Harris Commitment to Black Men and Their Families

In the heart of every challenge lies the seed of opportunity. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, deeply aware of this truth, have embarked on a mission to address the systemic barriers faced by Black men in America. Through a series of transformative policies, they are working to build generational wealth for Black men and their families, aiming to create a future where opportunities are accessible, and success is achievable for all.

Breaking Barriers: A Historical Perspective

The history of Black men in America is a narrative of resilience against systemic oppression. From education and employment to healthcare and the criminal justice system, Black men have consistently faced obstacles that hinder their progress. Under the previous administration, these challenges were exacerbated. Unemployment and uninsurance rates surged, COVID-19 wreaked havoc, and many Black-owned businesses were shuttered. The tax cuts favored the wealthy, leaving Black families struggling to stay afloat.

A Vision for Economic Empowerment

President Biden and Vice President Harris are determined to reverse these trends and uplift Black men and their families. Their economic agenda includes:

  • Reducing Unemployment: The unemployment rate for Black men has been reduced to a historic 52-year low of 4.6%. This achievement reflects the administration’s commitment to creating job opportunities and fostering a robust economy that benefits everyone.
  • Increasing Wealth: Black American wealth has increased by 60% from pre-pandemic levels. This growth is a testament to policies designed to stimulate economic activity and ensure that Black families can build and sustain wealth.
  • Affordable Housing: The administration has proposed the boldest housing plan in a generation, aiming to lower the costs of renting and buying a home. This includes building or preserving 2 million homes and providing a $10,000 mortgage relief credit for first-time homebuyers.
  • Reconnecting Communities: With a $4 billion investment, the administration is reversing decades of infrastructure disinvestment in Black communities, reconnecting areas left behind by past transportation policies.
  • Boosting Entrepreneurship: Black entrepreneurs are starting businesses at the fastest rate in 30 years, supported by initiatives that provide access to capital and resources.

Health and Well-Being: A Holistic Approach

Health disparities have long plagued Black communities, but the Biden-Harris administration is making strides to close the gap:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA): More Black families have health coverage under the ACA than ever before. The administration is committed to protecting and strengthening this vital program.
  • Capping Insulin Costs: Insulin costs have been capped at $35 a month for seniors, disproportionately benefiting Black seniors.
  • Prescription Drug Costs: Out-of-pocket prescription drug costs are now capped at $2,000 per year for seniors, with efforts underway to extend these savings to all Americans.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: The administration is committed to replacing every lead pipe in the country within the next decade, addressing the disproportionately high rates of lead poisoning among Black children.
  • Cancer Moonshot Initiative: This initiative aims to end cancer as we know it, directly impacting the 1 in 3 Black men who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Education and Upward Mobility

Education is the cornerstone of upward mobility. The Biden-Harris administration has made unprecedented investments in education and student support:

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): An unprecedented $16 billion investment has been made in HBCUs, the most by any administration.
  • Pell Grant Increases: The maximum Pell Grant award has been increased by $900, affecting 60% of Black undergraduates who rely on this aid.
  • Student Loan Debt Cancellation: $167 billion in student loan debt has been canceled for nearly 5 million Americans, with plans to extend this relief further.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Justice and equality are at the forefront of the Biden-Harris agenda. The administration is committed to reforming the criminal justice system to ensure it serves all Americans fairly:

  • Accountable Policing: An executive order has been signed to advance accountable policing after Congress failed to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
  • Community Violence Interventions: Federal funding has been secured for community violence interventions, focusing on youth and prevention.
  • Marijuana Reform: Significant steps have been taken to reform the nation’s approach to marijuana, including pardoning individuals convicted of federal simple possession offenses.

Engaging Black Voters: Black Voters for Biden-Harris

In a strategic move to ensure continued support from the backbone of their coalition, Team Biden-Harris has launched the Black Voters for Biden-Harris campaign. This national organizing program aims to bolster historic investments in outreach to Black voters, who played a pivotal role in the 2020 election. With five months until Election Day, this initiative underscores the administration’s commitment to engaging Black voters and earning their support.

The campaign will kick off with a rally in Philadelphia, featuring President Biden, Vice President Harris, and national surrogates. This event, along with an organizing event at a local Black-owned small business and a meeting with national organizations, aims to highlight the administration’s dedication to increasing Black wealth and fostering community engagement.

Summer Outreach and Engagement

The Black Voters for Biden-Harris campaign will feature an eight-figure investment in engagement programming with Black student organizations, community groups, and faith centers nationally and across battleground states. This summer, the campaign will:

  • Partner with trusted Black organizations to increase outreach and build a strong presence in key states.
  • Collaborate on voter education and registration activations, both online and on the ground.
  • Strengthen voter protection efforts to safeguard the Black vote from ongoing attacks.

A weekend of action will follow the Philadelphia rally, with campaign surrogates traveling across the country to host events and engage with media. These efforts will include Black church engagements, community celebrations, and organizing events in battleground states.


The Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to Black men and their families is not just a series of policy initiatives; it is a profound dedication to righting the wrongs of the past and building a future where every Black man has the opportunity to thrive. Through targeted economic policies, healthcare reforms, educational investments, criminal justice reforms, and robust voter engagement efforts, President Biden and Vice President Harris are laying the groundwork for generational wealth and prosperity. Their vision is clear: a nation where systemic barriers are dismantled, and every American can achieve their full potential.

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