Style with Substance: NeAndre Broussard’s Quest to Elevate Black Men with Black Menswear

In the heart of a movement that transcends mere fashion, NeAndre Broussard stands as a beacon of change, empowerment, and unity. The founder of Black Menswear, NeAndre has woven a narrative not just of style, but of substance, challenging stereotypes and building a community that uplifts and inspires. His journey, rooted in personal conviction and a deep sense of purpose, offers a compelling testament to the power of vision, leadership, and collective action.

NeAndre’s story begins with a profound understanding of his role in the world. “I am the husband of Erica, the father of Noah and Micah, and the founder of Black Menswear, a social movement focused on empowering black men,” he shares. Since 2017, his mission has been clear: to change the global narrative surrounding black men, providing spaces for vulnerability, growth, and empowerment. “Embracing our community, embracing our culture, giving brothers safe spaces to feel vulnerable because vulnerability helps with expansion,” NeAndre explains, highlighting the foundation upon which Black Menswear is built.

Younger NeAndre, even in his college days, was a beacon of ambition and purpose, traits that have clearly illuminated his path to founding Black Menswear. Attending a small, private university in Dallas, he made a conscious decision to immerse himself in an environment where he wouldn’t just be another face in the crowd but could make a tangible impact. “Choosing SMU over larger universities was a pivotal decision for me,” NeAndre reflects. “It was about positioning myself where I could stand out, contribute meaningfully, and not get lost in the sea of everything going on. Even back then, I had this deep-seated desire to make a difference, to leave a mark.” This drive was not just academic; it was deeply personal and social. NeAndre was the kind of person who naturally gravitated towards leadership roles, not for the sake of titles, but to effect change. He was already showing signs of the visionary leader he would become, using his voice and actions to challenge the status quo and inspire those around him. His college years were a crucible, shaping his understanding of impact, community, and the power of a unified vision.

The inception of Black Menswear was sparked by NeAndre’s keen awareness of the power of imagery and representation. Disturbed by the negative stereotypes perpetuated in the media, he sought to showcase the elegance, dignity, and diversity of Black Men through fashion. “Utilizing social media to showcase Black brothers that were in the suiting, the modeling space that weren’t on pages…because all I saw…was negative images, negative visuals,” NeAndre recalls. This was the catalyst for a movement that would soon evolve into a cultural impact agency, dedicated to ensuring that the stories, talents, and contributions of Black Men were rightfully represented and celebrated.

The transformative power of Black Menswear is perhaps best exemplified by its signature flash mobs. What began with four local influencers in Dallas has grown into a nationwide tour, bringing together hundreds of men in a display of solidarity, strength, and style. “The energy of those guys…it was like, ‘Oh, this is special.’ Because the energy of it, bro, you know, ‘You’re good man. How you doing? Like, what you got going on? How can I help? How can I pour into you?'” NeAndre describes the palpable sense of brotherhood and support that defines these gatherings. These events are not just about making a statement through fashion; they are about breaking barriers, fostering connections, and empowering individuals and communities alike.

At the heart of NeAndre’s vision is a profound understanding of the impact of representation. “The power of representation…gives the next generation of youth who are now seeing themselves in all kinds of spaces, it gives them the audacity to hope for bigger,” he asserts. Through Black Menswear, NeAndre aims to dismantle limiting stereotypes and replace them with images of black excellence, ambition, and diversity, thereby inspiring young Black men to dream without boundaries and pursue their aspirations with confidence.

NeAndre’s journey is also a testament to the importance of faith, family, and community. Reflecting on his path, he acknowledges the roles of his upbringing, his corporate experience, and, most importantly, his family in shaping his approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Reflecting on the bedrock of his journey, NeAndre speaks of his family with a warmth and reverence that illuminates his path. “My wife, Erica, and my sons, Noah and Micah, are the true essence of my drive and purpose. Erica, with her unwavering support and profound love, has taught me the depth of sacrificial love — a love that prioritizes the wellbeing of others above all else. She’s been my compass, guiding me through storms with grace and resilience. My sons, they ignite a fire in me to build a legacy worthy of emulation. They are a constant reminder of the future I’m striving to shape, not just for them, but for every young black boy who dreams of a world where he is seen, valued, and heard. Together, we are a testament to the power of love, unity, and purpose. My family is my why, the reason I push boundaries and challenge narratives, ensuring that the world they inherit is one where their dreams have no limits.”

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship was a pivotal moment for NeAndre, marked by a blend of faith, courage, and strategic foresight. He recounts, “Making the transition from corporate security to the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship was a leap of faith, underscored by a deep conviction in the mission of Black Menswear. It wasn’t a decision made on a whim but a calculated move, fueled by years of preparation, learning, and planning. I remember standing at the precipice of this monumental change, armed with the invaluable lessons gleaned from my corporate journey — lessons in leadership, organization, and resilience. Yet, it was the unwavering belief in the power of the vision God placed in my heart that propelled me forward. This wasn’t just about starting a business; it was about igniting a movement, about challenging the status quo and creating a legacy of empowerment for Black Men everywhere. The journey has been fraught with challenges, but each obstacle has been a stepping stone, each setback a lesson in disguise. Looking back, I see not just the path I’ve traveled, but the countless lives touched, the community uplifted, and the narrative forever changed. That leap was the beginning of a journey not just for me, but for every black man who dares to dream, to aspire, to achieve beyond the confines of societal expectations.”

As Black Menswear marches forward, breaking barriers and setting new paradigms, NeAndre Broussard’s narrative stands as a monumental testament to the indomitable spirit of one man’s vision to uplift and redefine the essence of Black masculinity. His journey, interwoven with the threads of resilience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to community, casts a long shadow, inspiring a generation to rise above stereotypes and embrace their full potential. NeAndre’s clarion call to Black men everywhere resonates with a profound urgency and hope: “Step into this experience… emerge transformed, invigorated, and fully empowered.” This is not just the story of changing how Black men are perceived in society; it’s about altering the very fabric of their self-perception and collective destiny, one dapper suit at a time. In the legacy of Black Menswear, NeAndre Broussard has not only reimagined the narrative of Black Men but has also sown the seeds for a future where they are celebrated, respected, and empowered in all their multifaceted glory.

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