Marcus Blackwell, Jr: Making Math, Music and Fatherhood Count

The Melodic Innovator of Education
In the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia, nestled within the confines of innovation and creativity, stands Marcus Blackwell Jr., a figure of transformative education and impassioned fatherhood. At 36 years old, Marcus isn’t just any entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who’s intertwining the rhythms of music with the precision of mathematics through his groundbreaking app, Make Music Count.

Early Influences: A Symphony of Activities
Marcus’s journey into the realms of education and innovation began in the classrooms of Windsor, Connecticut, and the demanding academic environment of Morehouse College. “Growing up, my life was a whirlwind of piano lessons, soccer practices, and church musical services,” Marcus recalls. “It was there, amid the melodies and equations, that I discovered my twin passions: music and math.”

The Genesis of Make Music Count
Make Music Count emerged from Marcus’s personal struggle with math. “I faced significant challenges with math during my school years,” he shares. “I realized that the structure and rhythm of music inherently taught mathematical concepts.” This epiphany led to a unique curriculum where students learn mathematics through piano playing, transforming fear into confidence and curiosity.

Educational Revolution Through Music
Marcus’s innovation provides a fresh perspective on education, tapping into students’ natural interests to foster a deeper engagement with math. “The app uses songs that kids love to introduce mathematical concepts—imagine learning fractions through the beats of a popular song,” Marcus explains. His approach has proven so effective that what began as a community service initiative has expanded into over 400 schools, benefiting around 60,000 students.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the classrooms, Marcus envisions Make Music Count reaching even more unconventional learning environments. “We’re looking to integrate our curriculum into homeschool networks, juvenile systems, and even hospitals,” he outlines. “Anywhere learning can be enhanced through creativity and engagement, that’s where we want to be.”

A Foundation in Family

Family stands at the heart of Marcus Blackwell Jr.’s universe, guiding his every endeavor. As a son, father, and husband, the fabric of family weaves through his life’s work, shaping his personal and professional paths. Reflecting on his upbringing, Marcus credits not only his father, a pillar of strength and guidance, but also his mother, whose nurturing spirit and unwavering support instilled in him the values of perseverance and empathy. “My dad taught me the importance of presence, both in the home and the community,” Marcus recalls, a lesson he earnestly applies in raising his own children, Victoria and Marcus, alongside his wife, Taneshia. He merges rigorous academics with a rich musical education, much like his parents did, crafting a nurturing environment that reflects both his and Tanisha’s backgrounds.

Marcus approaches fatherhood with a profound reverence, viewing it as a crucial role that molds the future. “Fatherhood is the greatest joy and the heaviest responsibility handed to me,” he states, his voice laden with emotion. “Every day I see a bit of myself in Victoria and Marcus, and I strive to be the kind of father that teaches them about the world and the values of kindness, resilience, and curiosity.” This philosophy extends into his business, Make Music Count, where he uses music to make math more accessible and engaging for children. “The way I teach math through music is how I impart life lessons at home—with patience, creativity, and a lot of love,” he explains. Marcus’s journey as a father and CEO are not just parallel tracks but are deeply intertwined, each enriching the other and fueling his commitment to both his family and his educational mission.

Partnership and Support: The Role of a Lifelong Teammate

Taneshia, a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader and a professional in her own right with experiences at Google and Delta, stands as Marcus Blackwell Jr.’s partner in every aspect of life. “Supporting each other’s dreams is foundational in our marriage,” Marcus affirms, highlighting the teamwork that permeates their parenting, business ventures, and personal growth. His devotion as a husband is vividly apparent as he reflects on their journey together with profound appreciation and mutual respect. “Taneshia isn’t just my wife; she’s my biggest supporter, my confidante, and the incredible mother of our children,” Marcus expresses with enthusiasm. “The strength of our bond elevates everything we do, from parenting to business. She teaches me every day what it means to be committed, and her brilliance lights up our family’s life.” He credits much of his success to the partnership they have nurtured, describing it as a dance of giving and receiving that fortifies their family’s foundation. “Being Taneshia’s husband has taught me about strength, sacrifice, and support,” he shares. “Together, we can achieve anything we dream of.” With a softened voice, he adds, “In her, I have found not just a spouse, but a life partner who challenges and cherishes me in equal measure.”

Conclusion: Harmonizing Life, Family, and Innovation
As Marcus Blackwell Jr. reflects on the symphony of his life—from the vibrant chords of his youth to the harmonious rhythms of fatherhood and entrepreneurship—it is clear that each note played has been intentional, resonating with purpose and passion. “The work we do at Make Music Count isn’t just about teaching math; it’s about inspiring lives, about believing in the potential that music and education hold to transform,” Marcus asserts with heartfelt conviction. His vision stretches beyond the keys of a piano or the figures on a page; it envelops the hearts of those he touches—his family, students, and community—fueling a legacy crafted from the melody of empowerment and the rhythm of enduring love. Marcus Blackwell Jr. lives his truth, proving that when you harmonize your passions with your actions, the world listens, learns, and uplifts.

You can follow Marcus @blackwell19 and learn more about Make Music Count by visiting and downloading the app on Google or Apple!

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