Lawrence Adjah: The Minister, The Mentor, and The Movement Maker

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In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, a child was born to Lawrence and Cornelia Adjah, a child who would grow up to embody the essence of resilience, community, and transformative leadership. Lawrence Adjah’s journey from dreaming of athletic stardom to becoming a beacon of hope and connection in a digitally fragmented world is a testament to the power of faith, family, and the indomitable human spirit. His story is not just about personal triumph but about how one man’s vision can ignite a movement, transforming loneliness into community, and despair into hope.

Raised in Piscataway, New Jersey, Lawrence’s early life was steeped in the values of hospitality and other-mindedness. “Hospitality was important to our family,” Lawrence recalls, painting a picture of a home where doors were always open, not just to friends but to strangers, embedding in him a profound love for people. This foundation of community and care was the bedrock upon which Lawrence would build his life’s work.

Despite an early dream of becoming a professional track athlete and representing Nigeria, life had other plans for Lawrence. His journey took him from the tracks of Harvard, where an injury cut short his athletic dreams, to the halls of Stanford and the University of Texas on a scholarship. Yet, it was his role as a consultant at McKinsey, working in sports and entertainment, that set the stage for his true calling. Lawrence observed a pervasive sense of loneliness and disconnection among young professionals in the city, a realization that propelled him to action.

Drawing inspiration from his family’s tradition of open doors and shared meals, Lawrence began hosting dinners. These gatherings, rooted in the spirit of Acts 2:42-47, quickly grew into “Our Family Dinner,” a global initiative fostering community among young adults. “I started hosting dinners; it took on a life of its own,” Lawrence explains, highlighting how these dinners became a sanctuary for those seeking connection in a disconnected world.

“The Family Dinner” initiative, conceived by Lawrence Adjah, has blossomed from a simple act of gathering friends for a meal into a global movement that redefines the essence of community in the modern world. What started in Lawrence’s apartment as an antidote to the pervasive loneliness and disconnection he observed among young professionals in the city, quickly grew into a series of communal dinners that spanned continents. Each dinner, rooted in the spirit of inclusivity and genuine connection, became a sanctuary for individuals yearning for a sense of belonging in an increasingly fragmented society. As word of mouth spread, the dinners swelled from intimate gatherings to large-scale events, attracting hundreds of participants and fostering an environment where strangers could become family. This exponential growth underscored a universal craving for connection and community, propelling “Our Family Dinner” beyond mere social gatherings to a powerful movement. It championed the simple yet profound act of breaking bread together as a means to bridge divides, heal loneliness, and build a network of mutual support that transcends geographical boundaries. Through “Our Family Dinner,” Lawrence Adjah has not only created a space for people to connect and share their lives but has also ignited a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of community in addressing the epidemic of isolation in the digital age.

Lawrence’s work didn’t stop at dinners. His deep-seated belief in the transformative power of relationships led him to seminary and helping to start a church” or “starting his own ministry, “I anchor my work around helping people establish and strengthen their most important relationships,” he states, underscoring his commitment to addressing the epidemic of loneliness through faith, community, and personal well-being.

The evolution of “Our Family Dinner” into Family Dinner Foundation, becoming a worldwide phenomenon and the establishment of mutual care groups are a testament to Lawrence’s vision and dedication. From dinners that welcomed anyone with open arms to creating intentional living communities, Lawrence’s initiatives aim to combat the isolation so prevalent in today’s society. “We’re raising money to be a new Seneca Village,” he shares, referring to his ambitious plan to create a community that embodies mutual care and support.

Lawrence’s insights into the challenges of modern relationships, particularly in the context of marriage, reveal his profound understanding of human connections. His work as a marriage counselor and his development of a curriculum for couples underscore his belief in the importance of aligned expectations and healthy communication. “I consistently heard about misaligned expectations,” he notes, emphasizing the need for couples to engage in deep, meaningful conversations before and during marriage.

In the heart of his mission to foster deeper connections and combat the pervasive loneliness of our times, Lawrence Adjah authored a pivotal resource titled “The 100 Marriage: 100 Decisions + Declarations You Need to Make Before Getting Married.” This book emerges from Lawrence’s rich background in premarital counseling and his keen observation of the common pitfalls that couples encounter. It serves as an essential guide for couples on the brink of marriage, offering a well-structured curriculum that delves into critical discussions and exercises aimed at aligning expectations and enhancing communication. Lawrence meticulously guides couples through vital topics, including faith, love, managing a household, setting boundaries, and navigating the complexities of intimacy and personal goals. His balanced approach, deeply infused with practical wisdom and faith-based insights, fills a significant gap in traditional premarital counseling resources. “The 100 Marriage” encourages couples to engage in profound conversations and mutual understanding, laying down a robust foundation for a relationship that can thrive amidst life’s challenges. This book stands as a testament to Lawrence’s dedication to building stronger communities by starting with the cornerstone of society: the family. It is an indispensable tool for anyone committed to forging a durable and fulfilling marital bond.

At the heart of Lawrence Adjah’s story is a man who sees the divine in the mundane, who believes in the power of community to heal, and who has dedicated his life to bringing people together. “I think someone who genuinely cares about helping people figure out what God had in mind when they made them,” Lawrence reflects on how he sees himself, encapsulating his mission to foster connections that transcend the superficial ties of the digital age.

Lawrence Adjah’s journey from a young boy in Brooklyn to a visionary leader shows us that with faith, resilience, and a heart for others, it’s possible to transform lives and build communities that reflect the love and care we all yearn for. In a world where disconnection has become the norm, Lawrence stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the power of coming together, breaking bread, and building a world where no one has to feel alone.You can learn more about Our Family Dinner and Lawrence Adjah by visiting and and you can follow Lawrence @adjah_l.

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