Jeremiah Regis: Weaving Faith, Heritage, and Entrepreneurship into the Fabric of SOSS® 

In the heart of Queens, New York, Jeremiah Regis’s journey unfolds—a narrative rich with the threads of faith, Haitian heritage, and the entrepreneurial spirit behind he men’s self care essentials SOSS®. As a first-generation Haitian American, husband, father, and founder, Jeremiah’s story is a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and purpose.

The Essence of Jeremiah Regis

Jeremiah introduces himself with a reflection on identity and legacy. “I’m a black man, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a Founder” he states, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of his identity. The question of legacy looms large in his mind, shaping his actions and aspirations. “How would you want to be remembered?” he muses, pinpointing faith, family, and self-expression as the pillars of his legacy.

Roots and Wings: The Haitian Influence

Jeremiah’s Haitian roots play a pivotal role in his narrative, imbuing him with a sense of pride and resilience. “Being Haitian lies in converting challenges into opportunities, creating something meaningful from nothing, and being fueled by a deeply rich culture that nurtures an understanding of one’s capability.” he explains, recounting his transformative visit to Haiti that connected him with his heritage on a profound level. This resilience, inherited from his ancestors, fuels his entrepreneurial drive and shapes his approach to life’s challenges.

SOSS®: A Manifesto of Authenticity

The inception of SOSS. was a response to a personal crisis of identity, sparked by a job requirement to shave his beard—a moment that felt like a betrayal of his authentic self. Alongside his business partner Vern, Jeremiah built SOSS to empower men to embrace their natural selves. “We’re affirming identities,” Jeremiah declares, highlighting the brand’s mission-driven approach to grooming. Each product, from its name to its ingredients, is designed to bolster the user’s confidence and authenticity.

Fatherhood: Redefining Success

For Jeremiah, fatherhood is a sacred role, marked by a desire to be present and engaged. Reflecting on his own father’s sacrifices, he aims to redefine success as the ability to be present for his family. “The most valuable thing a father can give his child is time,” he asserts, sharing his journey to embrace every moment with his daughter. This commitment to presence has brought him unparalleled joy and gratitude.

Advice to His Younger Self

Looking back, Jeremiah wishes he could advise his younger self to “be present and celebrate all the small wins.” His relentless pursuit of ‘what’s next’ often overshadowed the joy of the moment—a realization that fatherhood helped him discover. Now, he cherishes being present, a state that has brought him profound happiness and fulfillment.

Closing Thoughts: A Legacy of Impact

Jeremiah Regis’s story is more than a personal success narrative; it’s a blueprint for living authentically, embracing one’s heritage, and impacting the world positively. Through SOSS., he not only offers a product but also champions a movement towards authenticity and self-love. His journey from the streets of Queens to the helm of a burgeoning brand is a powerful reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself, the value of family, and the impact of heritage.

As SOSS continues to grow, Jeremiah remains focused on its mission to empower and affirm identities. His story resonates with many, offering inspiration and a call to action to live purposefully. “I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life,” Jeremiah reflects, attributing his contentment to the simple act of being present. His narrative is a compelling testament to the beauty of weaving together the threads of faith, heritage, and entrepreneurship into a life well-lived.

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