Golf, Governance, and Generational Wisdom: The Coleman Family Meets President Biden

In the heart of Saginaw, Michigan, a compelling narrative unfolds, one that captures the quintessential American values of faith, family, and the love of sport. This story, brimming with community spirit and resilience, recently led President Biden to a local public golf course for a purpose far removed from the usual political discourse. Instead, the President sought a genuine connection with the Coleman family, a day marked by conversations about life’s simple yet profound pleasures.

At the heart of this extraordinary encounter were Hurley Coleman III, a 39-year-old dedicated to economic justice, and his 13-year-old son, Hurley “HJ” Coleman IV, a middle school student with a burgeoning passion for sports and academics. Together with the rest of their family, they embody the essence of community strength and resilience.

Hurley Coleman III serves as the Executive Director of the Saginaw Community Action Center, focusing his efforts on preventing homelessness and ensuring economic security for Saginaw’s low-income residents. This deep-seated commitment to service, instilled by his parents, Bishop Hurley Coleman Jr. and Sandra Coleman, is a legacy he is keen to pass down to his children.

Tanyika Coleman, Hurley III’s wife, complements the family’s dynamic with her unique experiences. A veteran with eight years of service in the U.S. Army, her discipline and dedication resonate not only within her family but also in her professional life as a student advisor and prep coach.

The Coleman children, HJ, Emilio, a 19-year-old college student, and Aniya, a 20-year-old cosmetology student, each contribute their unique passions to the family, creating a lively and diverse household.

The family’s narrative reached a national audience when President Biden joined Hurley III and HJ for a round of golf. This wasn’t merely a game but a backdrop for meaningful discussions about faith, family, and future aspirations. It was a proud moment for the Colemans, showcasing their golfing skills and more importantly, their family values, to the President.

The conversation that ensued with President Biden highlighted the Coleman family’s core beliefs. They shared the significance of faith in their lives, the central role of family, and their collective love for sports. These interests are more than hobbies; they are the threads that bind the Coleman family, strengthened by their active involvement in the World Outreach Campus Church.

HJ, a standout student and athlete, embodies the family’s commitment to excellence. Excelling in both academics and sports, his achievements are a testament to the values instilled by his family.

This meeting was part of President Biden’s efforts to connect with American families during this campaign season, aiming to hear directly from them about their values, concerns, and hopes for the future. The Colemans represent the ideals that President Biden seeks to understand and champion. Their discussion on fatherhood, faith, family, generational wisdom, and the unifying power of sports revealed a common ground between Hurley III and the President, highlighting shared experiences and aspirations.

The Coleman family’s engagement in their community and church mirrors the societal vision President Biden advocates for—a society where everyone supports one another. This encounter in Saginaw underscored the importance of listening to and learning from American families, providing invaluable insights into the lives of everyday Americans and reminding us of the common values we share.

The Coleman family’s story transcends politics, touching the heart of what it means to be part of a community, to be a family, and to be truly American. It’s a narrative of enduring values that continue to unite us, a testament to the power of faith, family, and love of sport in shaping our lives and our nation.

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