Brennan Allan Steele: Shaping Legacies and Healing Generations Through ‘Breathe’

In the heart of Memphis, Brennan Allan Steele, a father, husband, and soon to be therapist, is at the forefront of a transformative movement. With the publication of his pivotal work, “Breathe: A Guided Healing Journal for Black Men,” Brennan is not just an author; he is a harbinger of hope and a catalyst for change in the mental wellness of Black men.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Brennan’s journey took a decisive turn when he moved to Memphis to pursue a career in education. Tasked with teaching an all-boys class, he faced a deeply personal revelation. “I was standing in front of about 85 boys who looked like me, and it forced me to confront my own issues,” Brennan recalls. “That moment was the catalyst for my mental health journey and my deep dive into creating spaces for healing.”

A Personal Journey to Professional Passion

Brennan’s own path toward mental wellness was not straightforward. It involved confronting the pressures of achievement and the limited emotional support from some key figures in his life. These challenges were compounded by his role as an educator in a predominantly Black school, where he shouldered not only his personal struggles but also the collective traumas of his students.

“The first year of teaching is already hard, but doing that while trying to figure out who you are as a person can lead you to very dark places,” Brennan admits. His turning point came when his community urged him to seek therapy. After a hesitant start, therapy became a transformative experience for him, reshaping his identity and purpose.

‘Breathe’: More Than a Book, A Movement

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery in 2020 were pivotal in shaping Brennan’s resolve. “These events forced a reckoning within me about how crucial it is to provide resources for Black men to navigate their mental health,” he explains. This led to the creation of “Breathe,” a journal designed as a safe space for Black men to explore and heal.

“Breathe” has since transcended its pages to become a beacon of support. Its reach and impact, surprising even to Brennan, illustrate the profound need for such resources. “I initially thought only my mother and a few friends might support it. But it’s reaching Black men globally, helping them feel seen and understood,” he says.

Brennan powerfully encapsulates the essence of his journey and mission with the phrase, “Breathing, as a Black man, is an act of resistance.” This statement is not only a literal acknowledgment of the physical acts of violence that have tragically ended Black lives but also a metaphorical declaration of the significance of mental and emotional self-care in the Black community. Through his work, particularly in “Breathe: A Guided Healing Journal for Black Men,” Brennan channels this act of resistance into a form of healing and empowerment. His dedication to nurturing mental wellness is a bold counter to societal pressures and traumas that often weigh heavily on Black men. Breathing, in Brennan’s context, becomes a foundational practice of defiance against external adversities and an internal journey towards healing, underscoring every page of his journal and every aspect of his advocacy.

Impact and Future Aspirations

Brennan, now a father and a doting husband, shares profound insights into how these experiences have reshaped his life. “Becoming a father and husband has shifted my priorities and focus dramatically,” he says, underscoring the profound impact of his personal relationships on his sense of self and duty. This transition into family life has not only deepened his understanding of legacy but also intensified his commitment to mental wellness, not just for himself but for his family and community. “I am very cognizant of where my time and energy go because I don’t want my family to receive just the leftovers,” Brennan explains. His journey into fatherhood and marriage is intertwined with his mission, emphasizing the importance of emotional presence and support as foundational elements of his legacy.

His work is not just about healing the individual but is anchored in a broader vision of generational change. “I aim for a future where my daughter, Mia, and others in her generation won’t have to contend with the same struggles. That means addressing these issues now, so they don’t perpetuate.”

In his new book “Transform,” Brennan delves into the transformative journey of becoming a father for the first time, particularly within the Black community. Discussing the theme of his book, Brennan highlights, “Transform is really about navigating the new territories of Black fatherhood and embracing the identity shifts that come with it.” He addresses the profound changes new fathers undergo, emphasizing the importance of adapting to their new roles while maintaining their own mental health. Through “Transform,” Brennan aims to guide new Black fathers through the challenges and rewards of fatherhood, offering wisdom and support as they step into this life-changing role.

Reflections on Masculinity and Healing

Brennan’s narrative is a powerful testament to the importance of mental and emotional health as integral components of personal and relational growth. “We often focus on physical or career achievements as markers of success, but true growth involves understanding and nurturing our mental state,” he observes.

His message to other Black men is clear: “Engage with your emotional health as vigorously as you do with other aspects of your life. It’s not just about healing ourselves; it’s about breaking cycles and laying down new paths for those who follow.”

Brennan is more than an author or therapist; he is a vanguard for the emotional liberation of Black men. His work, epitomized by his insightful writings and empathetic engagement, serves as a crucial cornerstone in the ongoing struggle for mental health advocacy within the Black community. Brennan’s journey from the classroom to the therapy room encapsulates a profound commitment to healing that resonates deeply with those he reaches. By providing tools and a voice for those often silenced by societal pressures, he fosters a space where vulnerability is not just accepted but celebrated as strength. In doing so, Brennan does not just change lives—he knits the fabric of community tighter, ensuring that the legacy of resilience and renewal he champions is one that will endure and inspire generations to come.

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